Registered designs

The Designs Act of 1993, (as amended) governs the South African design registration system. Both functional and aesthetic designs may be registered in South Africa. The deadline for claiming priority from a foreign design application is 6 months from the priority date.

South Africa does not allow for multi-class applications and a separate application must be filed for each class of interest. International
Classification of Industrial Designs, originally adopted by the Locarno Union in 1971, as subsequently amended and put into force on 1 January 1989

Requirements for filing

In order to file a registered design application, the following is required:

  • The full names and addresses of the applicants
  • Priority application number, country and priority date, if priority is claimed
  • The representations of the design
  • Classes in which the application is to be filed

Additional requirements and deadlines:

  • Power of attorney (may be late filed at no additional cost)
  • Certified copies of any priority documents
  • Translations of priority documents which are not in English

Functional design registrations are valid for 10 years and aesthetic designs are valid for 15 years.