Anti-Counterfeiting (or “Brand Protection”) can be described as the fight against fake goods.

With the development of Africa through investment and the like, it has seen a large increase in the demand for branded goods made locally and those from foreign origin. Unfortunately, this has created a platform for counterfeit goods to infiltrate the African market.

The fight against counterfeit goods has also developed in Africa and it is now possible for brand owners to enforce their brands at Customs (border) level as well as in the market.

At Wolmarans & Susan we assist our clients with Customs Registrations and Actions, as well as investigations and seizure actions in the market. In addition, we specialise in assisting the respective authorities in prosecuting the infringers criminally and also assist our clients with the civil actions to follow as a result of counterfeiting.

Customs Registrations and Actions
South Africa

In terms of the South Africa’s Anti-Counterfeiting laws, we can assist brand owners to register their brands with Customs in South Africa. This registration is quick to obtain and empowers Customs to conduct searches of imports at their own initiative and advise the brand owners (through our office) of any suspected goods entering the county at any point of entry. Once these goods are encountered, Customs can detain these goods for verification purposes. We at Wolmarans & Susan will lodge the respective complaints confirming the goods are counterfeit and institute the required criminal and civil sanctions against such importers.


Most of the key African countries also allow for Customs Registrations (either formally or informally). We assist our clients with these registrations and actions in all African countries these actions are possible.

Training and investigations

Through the relationships we have with Customs and Police, we conduct training on the brands we represent in order to raise awareness at the enforcement level of the counterfeit goods usually found in the market. In addition, our network of cross-African investigators also receive regular training in order to ensure that they are up to date on the products of our clients and to ensure counterfeit goods are quickly identified in the marketplaces.